Quantum GIS in School Syllabus!

I was in for a surprise, when my neighbour Snehin, who is a 10th standard student, came for help regarding his IT examinations. He knew my job was something regarding maps and told me he had something about maps in his subject.

Going through the text book(pdf) was interesting. There is indeed a chapter on GIS..


They are using Quantum GIS 1.7.4! Good old friend Wroclaw!

By the way, the QGis part hopes to make the student capable of

  • creating/adding vector layers
  • adding raster layers
  • creating/editing features
  • creating buffers
  • finding spatial intersections
  • creating a printable map using print composer including legend, north symbol etc..

And all of this in around 4 pages! Is that too much for a 15-year old?

Apparently, even teachers were struggling with this new syllabus that come into effect in 2012.
My friend’s issue was when he buffered a street by 20 units, it filled the entire map with a big circle. I advised him to use a projected coordinate system and he was happy with that.

Other Chapters included:

  • Inkscape
  • Python
  • Openoffice
  • Stellarium
  • Website Creation(html)
  • Tupi(2D animation)
  • Geogebra
  • KTechLab

Overall, I was pleased to see Quantum Gis and other open source software used in our State’s educational system. Every year, an estimated 400,000 students attend this exam and there is an increased visibility for Quantum Gis. Thanks to IT@School project organizers for this wonderful effort.

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