Quantum GIS in School Syllabus!

I was in for a surprise, when my neighbour Snehin, who is a 10th standard student, came for help regarding his IT examinations. He knew my job was something regarding maps and told me he had something about maps in his subject.

Going through the text book(pdf) was interesting. There is indeed a chapter on GIS..


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Branch Based Workflow for QGis

This workflow might be useful for you if:

  • you work on multiple features/bugs at a time
  • you do not have write permission at the qgis repository(you can only issue pull requests).

This workflow is strictly branch based. That is, you are never going to do any real work in master.

  1. Login to GitHub
  2. Fork the project at https://github.com/qgis/qgis by clicking “Fork”. This may take a while
  3. Create a local folder and switch to it
  4. mkdir qgisdev
    cd qgisdevgit

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