Topology plugin for Quantum Gis

I am in the process of creating a topology checking plugin for Qgis. Although Qgis allows you to create valid geometries while digitizing, the checks to ensure correctness of existing data is somewhat limited. Every time I use the excellent topology tools in Esri’s ArcMap( a commercial GIS product), I have imagined ways of implementing this on some open source GIS.

Here are some screens of the current working version. It is in the early stages, so don’t get frustrated with its bugs if you happen to see it in Qgis.

rules configuration window

rules configuration window

topology results window

topology results window

A little bit history :

When I saw this cool source code in Martin Dobias GitHub page , I though it would be a great base to start upon. I hope the further progress of this plugin will be make the editing more fun in Qgis.


  1. what is the tolerance we should maintain.. I am getting lots of bugs unwanted..There is no error since it is showing dangle error

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